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What to Expect

It’s not easy to find a night nanny or doula on your own. It takes time, hard work...and lots of phone calls. Night Nannies for Newborns works hard to save you all that hassle and headache. We gather references, check credentials, offer enrichment and certifications courses, and conduct personal interviews with every candidate that comes our way.


Ready to start your journey with Night Nannies for Newborns? Create an account today and learn more about our rates, fill out our contract, and meet our nannies. Trust us to take care of the rest.


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What Services Are Typically Provided?
  • Duplicating an atmosphere conducive to your family’s

  • Being as consistent as possible

  • Supporting mom and dad

  • Presenting alternative solutions to everyday situations

Nanny or Doula will sleep when the family & infant(s) are sleeping.

What's Included with Light Housekeeping?
  • tidying the nursery

  • making up formula as necessary

  • refilling items such as diapers and wipes

  • washing bottles and nipples

  • baby laundry

  • changing the diaper genie (or equivalent)

Please consult nanny for specific duties.

What is Basic Infant Care?
  • changing diapers

  • bottle feeding

  • assisting nursing moms

  • cleaning the belly button

  • rocking and comforting the baby

What Services Are
Not Included?
  • Medical advice. Your nanny is not a medical professional, but will refer you to your pediatrician if it is believed necessary (non-negotiable).

  • Vacuuming, dusting or any heavy housekeeping or lifting*

  • Meal preparation*

  • Caring for other children*

  • Driving with children

*These items may be discussed with the person that is hired.  If agreed upon, it is recommended that a formal contract of responsibilities be written to ensure no confusion.

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