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Jena Gonzalez


Owner, Postpartum Doula, Lactation Specialist,

& Sleep Trainer Consultant

After beginning as a nanny at a very young age, working primarily with newborns, I found that my passion was working with infants and new parents. Also being the oldest of four girls and my youngest sister being twelve years younger, I have had lots of practice and patience.


I began to take care of newborns through overnights, traveling with families, or staying with children while parents traveled. This means I have been working with newborns and postpartum families since 1998. Over that time period, I have participated in the lives of nearly 100 families. I became a Night Nanny with Night Nannies for Newborns in 2003 

and then the owner of the agency, where I oversee 20+ nannies and doulas.


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Since becoming the owner of Night Nannies for Newborns in October of 2004, my primary focus has been on the attachment and bonding of newborn babies. I am trained as a Postpartum Doula and Lactation Educator through CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association). I am also a member of the CDA (Colorado Doulas Association) as well as infant CPR and First Aid certified.


I recognize the growing need to assist parents in raising healthy children. The demands that society has put on families, makes it difficult for new families to keep up with daily activities, especially when sleep deprived. Night Nannies for Newborns philosophy is simple. We provide overnight care for your infant(s) creating a night time atmosphere that is conducive to your family’s needs. Our role within your home is to assist, support, encourage, nurture, and provide alternative measures to the numerous situations you will encounter. We believe that the only true expert in raising your family is you, but we are there to assist and cheerlead you to success.

Our professional and qualified nannies will have a passion for their position, but they will also be infant CPR certified,

have infant care and sleep training and have at least two years of experience.


We want to bring you comfort and peace of mind about bringing someone into your home. So we perform extensive criminal background checks and thoroughly review all personal and professional references. Knowledge is power, so our nannies are also up-to-date on the latest in infant development and parenting tips, so that we can share the latest and greatest information with you. 

The love you have for your child cannot be measured. We will do our best to give you the tools and assistance that you need to enjoy every precious moment.

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