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Nanny Insurance

Nannies who are independent contractors must decide if they want to have nanny insurance to cover the risks associated with that status. The most important coverages for nanny are liability policy, like general liability and professional liability. Many insurers combine these policies with abuse and molestation coverage for nannies. Some insurers also add commercial auto riders to general liability. The below information is being provided as an overview. It is up to each nanny to do their own research, obtain their own quotes, and determine their own move forward steps. The information on this page is to the best of Night Nannies for Newborns knowledge at this time.


Most Common Types of Self-employed Nanny Insurance

Insurance Providers

CoverWallet: This is an online insurance broker that utilizes technology to allow you to quickly compare multiple quotes from top carriers and find a low-cost option. This site is for nannies who want to compare policies and premiums from multiple carriers.  

CyberPolicy: Reliable broker that shops and compares quotes on all types of business insurance policies from top carriers, such as Progressive Commercial, Chubb, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, and over 40 others. This site is for nannies who want fast quotes from top carriers.

CM&F Group Inc.: Affordable, Reliable Doula Malpractice Insurance

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