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  • Jena Gonzalez

How long until your baby sleeps through the night?

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

One of the most frequent questions that my clients ask is, how long will it take before their baby will sleep through the night?

Usually we give them an estimate on what to expect, somewhere between 12-16 weeks for a healthy baby when working with one of our highly trained night nannies.

But really, so much depends on what the family does during the day in conjunction with what the night nanny is doing at night. If you truly want your baby to sleep at night, you have to make sure to feed your baby every three hours during the day and ensure they are getting sufficient and regular naps. The more that your baby is able to eat in the day, the less that they will need to eat at night.

The same goes for sleep, sleep begets sleep, so an overtired baby will not sleep well at night. A little work on the families part goes a long way to getting your baby sleeping through the night!

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